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Happy New Year! 2013!!!

2012 was a year. For the most of it I felt alone and overwhelmed. Right at the end I turned to two sources of comfort – sources I should have turned to a long time ago, but I am so used to being let down I was scared that if I asked for help I would only be more disappointed. I turned to my wife and to God. My wife was everything a partner is supposed to be and I was humbled and overwhelmed by her love for me. God was a peace, comfort and strength I thought I would never have again, I am humbled and overwhelmed by His love for me. I am starting 2013 with more than I could ever imagined. I told so many people that 2011 would be the year to beat, I lost 100 pounds, ran my first race, and got married!!! Turns out right at the end 2012 snuck in there and stole a bit of the thunder, I found out the true meaning of being married, I found a church and I think I may have found the spiritual counselor and leader I have been praying for. There is only one word for everything I have been uncovering these last few weeks and that is AWESOME in the truest sense of the word.

Of course, this would not be my official first of the year post if I didn’t post resolutions so here they are:

  • To start each and end each day with God. (Started early December.)
  • To work through the Jesus Calling devotional books with the kids all year, no matter how little time. (Already started Dec. 26th)
  • To run a minimum of 10 miles a week. (That’s 520 miles a year. I can do more!)
  • To create a better relationship between this body and my mind. (Hmmm.)
  • To stay on top of spending. (Starting that by putting the whole family on a NO SPEND JANUARY challenge! Spending no unplanned or unnecessary money! We don’t have any anyway! lol)
  • To want less and be thankful for what I have. (Already started.)
  • Buy a building. (I don’t have the money for it, or know where the money will come from – but it was on my mind and something told me to type it!)

You don’t know this yet, because I don’t think I went into it here, but I don’t believe in waiting for the right day or moment – it’s now (or whenever it hits.) So while these are the resolutions I am starting the year with as I master them I will add more!!!

2013 is going to be the best year yet – that is exciting and scary and wonderful!

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